How The Vanity Wars Were Won

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When homeowners and DIY types begin to consider a renovation project in their homes, their search starts on line, and now more than ever, on a mobile device. When The Home Depot wanted to restore their superior organic position on mobile search results for bath vanity units, they turned to Phase 3.

Consumers want to be inspired, and have their imaginations activated. We designed and curated 15 rooms that reflected different personality and vanity styles from Coastal Bohemian to Industrial Hipster. Users could vote on which room wore the vanity the best, explore the products directly at Home Depot’s website, and share the campaign with fellow DIY types.

We’re very proud to announce that the “Vanity Wars” were a winner, placing The Home Depot at the top of organic SERPs for this coveted, targeted category, and earning our teams the 2017 AMA Atlanta Amy Award for Best SEO Campaign. And, we’re proud to continue raising and reinforcing The Home Depot’s position as the ultimate source of renovation products and inspiration for the DIY audience.

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