Print is the New Statement Piece

With the vast approaching NYC Market Week Event, Dockers chose Phase 3/Gigantic Color to turn a high level showroom into the ultimate brand experience. Phase 3/Gigantic Color put both legs on at once and jumped into a project that required precise printing, precise timing, and precise installation.

A tight deadline forfeited the option to order specialty surfaces or fabricate textured walls, so Phase 3/Gigantic Color allowed necessity to be the mother of invention, substituting novel materials for standard display items. Phase 3/Gigantic Color innovatively used flooring as cladding creating a high-impact visual appeal, lowering costs, and creating higher durability. Working directly from the client’s initial drawings, we developed a plan for the experience, fabricated the fixtures required, and constructed the elements during a four-day build. Meanwhile, our dye sublimation printers were working away to create the panel graphics that would be applied to the installation walls. And finally, a just-in-time delivery and supervised installation turned the showroom into a fashion den comfortably fit for a king.

Together, we created an immersive show experience that not only faithfully represented the Dockers brand, but also helped it stand out among peers and attract new buyers at this prestigious fashion event. Even for a complex project, provided at light speed, Phase 3/Gigantic Color faithfully managed costs while fabricating custom components efficiently, quickly, and cost effectively.