Conquering Results Through Marketing Strategies
Integrated Marketing Campaign

Ingersoll Rand was challenged with effectively communicating the magnitude of a new product and its value it would bring to the market. The specific challenges were related to building excitement while communicating the message through their North American sales team and master distributors. Phase 3 accepted this challenge by conceptualizing the Ingersoll Rand brand into something dynamic, flashy, compelling, and exciting. Phase 3 curated the story of the Red Knight −The Red Knight: The Red Knight isn’t black. It isn’t white. It’s unexpected, and it doesn’t play by the same rules as everybody else. The Red Knight helps master distributors stay three moves ahead with the intelligence they need to win.

Through a highly impactful kit, the campaign featured a customized box, marketing materials printed with augmented reality triggers that gave the North American sales force, including their company-owned stores and master distributors, a virtual view of the new compressor, poster mailings, and live webinars introducing the Red Knight. Recognized as one of the most successful launches in Ingersoll Rand’s history, Phase 3 won the Ingersoll Rand President’s Award for Growth and Innovation, Chairman’s Award nomination, and later nominated for an AMY (Atlanta Marketer of the Year Awards) by the American Marketing Association- Atlanta. The story and identity of the Red Knight suited the Ingersoll Rand’s sales force to capture and defend their sales territory like never before.