A Branded Backdrop Built for a Bash

PAVE is a non-profit organization that supports young people who want to build successful careers in the retail industry. At GlobalShop 2018, the industry’s leading retail design, planning, and merchandising expo, PAVE sponsored an Opening Night Bash for hundreds of retail industry leaders.

Every big event needs visual impact to impress guests. And photography, especially selfies, are a big part of every modern event. Phase 3 continues to transform the branded experience with photography backdrops that go far beyond printed step-and-repeat vinyl to dimensional, tactile, and illuminated pieces that integrate branded elements and identities into show-stopping centerpieces.

Instead of simply printing a backdrop that fit PAVE’s speakeasy theme, Phase 3 built a fully dimensional piece from blocks of black ultraboard, which were fitted with router-patterned lighting channels. We then ran LED lighting throughout the interior, which created a stunning neon glow effect that attracted every eye, and became the event’s photo op centerpiece and selfie station.