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Gina Munsey

Lenka and the Fawn

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Gina Munsey

Gina Munsey: Lenka and the Fawn

What if we told you that a small piece of your most treasured childhood memories could be recreated, and that you could give those memories – that nostalgia – to your own child?

Today we’ll meet Gina Munsey, founder of children’s clothing brand Lenka and the Fawn. Gina is an accomplished writer, editor, blogger, and mother who’s been on a mission to return the international children’s retail experience back to simplicity.

Less excess, less mass production – more handmade, more small run, more meaningful traditions.

Born and raised in the former Yugoslavia, Gina has since moved from Europe, but her European upbringing is woven boldly through her creative pursuits, and now, she’s bringing her keen design eye for simplicity, durability, and familiarity to American audiences with the launch of the brand this past November.

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Lenka and the Fawn is supposed to feel like a home away from home, like your favorite brick-and-mortar boutique store. The site’s brand aesthetic, which launched this past November, is simple, beautiful, and elegant while still remaining humble and approachable.

Let’s meet Lenka and the Fawn…and understand how brands can time travel into the nostalgic desires of their customers. As always, you can let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook!