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Guy Duncan

The Coca-Cola Company

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Guy Duncan

Guy Duncan: The Coca-Cola Company

Guy Duncan is a man of many Chuck Taylors. Several dozen, actually. Which is fitting, since the Coca-Cola Global Creative Director is always stepping foot on a new continent, managing Coca-Cola, Diet Coca-Cola, and Coca-Cola Zero – the trilogy of Coca-Cola brands – and overseeing all major international marketing, advertising, and content initiatives, including worldwide events such as the Olympics and World Cup.

Coca-Cola, consistently ranked as the world’s top global brand, has championed marketing based on its “Open Happiness” and “Share a Coke” campaigns, as well as its “Content 2020” vision for innovation, design, digital engagement, and branded communications. Its most popular YouTube spots typically feature a vending machine and spontaneous stunts, like dance-offs and singing competitions. In some cases, the machines have been placed in areas where political and social upheaval prevent Coca-Cola consumers from face-to-face interactions, therefore attempting to bring peace.

On this episode of On Branding, Guy tells us how Starsky & Hutch introduced him to the facets of brand storytelling, why placing the consumer as a hero in Coca-Cola’s offbeat advertising makes an impact beyond geography or language, and what the challenges are to being the world’s most highly ranked creative director.