Episode: 033

Joe Guith

President, Cinnabon, Inc.

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Joe Guith

Joe Guith: President, Cinnabon, Inc.

With a career trajectory that includes time spent with some of today’s most iconic food and beverage brands – from Coca-Cola to Molson Coors Brewing and KFC – Joe Guith knows what resonates with consumers.

As the president of Cinnabon, Joe finds himself at the helm of a beloved brand, one that symbolizes indulgence – in moderation – and has successfully expanded its footprint through brand partnerships. In fact, in 2013, Cinnabon passed $1 billion in annual branded product sales globally through a variety of retail channels.

Keen on recognizing opportunity, Cinnabon has leveraged its unsolicited cameo on AMC’s hit “Breaking Bad”-spinoff, “Better Call Saul,” into an all-out PR campaign. It’s this kind of sensibility and a very nimble team that’s enabled the brand to be virtually everywhere with no advertising budget.

Here, Joe gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the ingredients that comprise this powerful brand – from the fondant sugar to the employees.