Episode: 004

Keith Radford

Uber - Atlanta

Phase 3
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Keith Radford

Keith Radford: Uber - Atlanta

Welcome to another episode of On Branding, a biweekly podcast and video documentary series dedicated to helping you get to know brands (and branding) better. Brought to you by Phase 3, each episode is an inside look at the brains behind the brand, and the builders that go boldly where no brand has gone before.

On Episode 004 of our show, we’re getting you up close with Keith Radford, General Manager of Uber Atlanta. A company that calls itself “everyone’s private driver”, Uber works with licensed limousine and luxury transportation services to offer mobile, credit card-free rides in over 35 cities worldwide. Uber Atlanta launched this past fall to enormous success, and new markets like Seoul, Honolulu, Mexico City, Napa, Taipei, and Zurich are the next class of Uber cities set to rock their timezones.

Tune in as Keith tells us more about Uber (as a person!), why the company is beloved by jet-setters and commuters alike, and the reason why word of mouth success in major cities is a gotta-have-it for any budding brand.

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