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Marissa Sackler and Simon Isaacs


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Marissa Sackler and Simon Isaacs

Marissa Sackler and Simon Isaacs: Beespace

For nonprofits, one of the most frustrating parts about trying to change the world — and do business — is the gap. The gap between cause and effect. Between time and money. Between effort and visibility. It doesn’t always seem fair, does it? And yet, according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are 1.5 million tax exempt organizations currently operating each year in the United States.

That’s where Beespace comes in.

Beespace is a nonprofit incubator to profit the world. Located in New York City’s Silicon Alley neighborhood, the space was founded last year by Marissa Sackler and launched with the help of Interim Executive Director Simon Isaacs, both accomplished cause marketers and philanthropists that work in the nonprofit space alongside charity:water, the United Nations, and Gather. The incubator will host six nonprofit organizations over two years, offering in-house design, business, and human resource talent, all of which are critical resources that help these budding brands focus on making an impact.

We sat down to chat with Marissa and Simon, who told us more about the mentors that’ve helped to build Beespace, its vision and intention for its “Incubees”, and how nonprofit branding is often the difference between being seen and unseen when it comes to investments.

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