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Maxine Bédat and Marisa Haskell


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Maxine Bédat and Marisa Haskell

Maxine Bédat and Marisa Haskell: Zady

Today we’re sitting down with Soraya Darabi and Maxine Bédat, founders of New York City-based clothing platform Zady, which connects buyers to creators in the spirit of “conscious consumerism” — that is, buying the beloved items we wear day after day, year after year straight from the source. Handpicked by the pair themselves, each featured piece is shown in vivid photography, along with a brand narrative that encapsulates the user from first click. Nashville-based denim brand Imogene + Willie has already found a home on Zady, as well as jewelry by artisanal, bohemian-chic designer Marisa Haskell.

Soraya comes to Zady as former co-founder of Foodspotting, the wildly popular food & photo sharing app that recently sold to OpenTable for $10 million, as well as former Manager of Digital Partnerships and Social Media at the New York Times.

Maxine comes from an international law background, working at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda while founding the Bootstrap Project, an effort to replace outsourced goods in Africa with the work of local artisans.

What does it look like to redefine consumption in the age of fast fashion, and how can we take meaningful products to market? Tune in as we discuss how the duo have taken fashion and brand storytelling to new heights.