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Ryan and Tina Essmaker

The Great Discontent

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Ryan and Tina Essmaker

Ryan and Tina Essmaker: The Great Discontent

There is, perhaps, no other online web magazine revered so highly by creatives than The Great Discontent. Every Tuesday morning, a new interview featuring the greats – Tina Roth Eisenberg, Jessica Hische, Debbie Millman, Jessica Walsh, and Merlin Mann are a few of the A-list creative talent that’s been profiled.

What makes you get up every day to create? Who do you make art for? What is your creative calling? These are a few of the questions TGD asks each week — and the answers are never the same.

Ryan and Tina Essmaker, the brains behind this beloved brand – a creative journal that explores what moves the makers – are native Michiganders now smitten with Manhattan. He, a web designer. She, an artist and writer. One subject. One photo. A tribe of thousands.

What was once a side gig, something to come home to and work on at the end of the day, The Great Discontent is now a full-time pursuit.

Read the announcement: TGD Takes The Leap

They’ve quit their day jobs. They’ve secured financial backing from content sponsors Mailchimp and Typekit. They’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring TGD to print, and thus, to life.

Read more about the Kickstarter project here.

We sat down with Ryan and Tina in the midst of their whirlwind announcement to talk about The Great Discontent as a brand, the creative legends it interviews and connects through long form content, and whether they are – as they say – content in their discontent.