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Seb Williams-Key

Yoga Studio

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Seb Williams-Key

Seb Williams-Key: Yoga Studio

Welcome to our 10th episode of On Branding!

On today’s show, we’ll meet Seb Williams-Key, Founder and Developer of Yoga Studio, a mobile app that’s got the worldwide yoga community rolling with excitement and rave reviews from the likes of Mac Life, The Guardian, and Greatist.

This episode is Part I of our series on mobile app rewards through Kiip, a platform that connects brands to mobile users by rewarding them for doing just that — using apps on a day to day basis to complete normal tasks. Seb is a financier turned mobile technology enthusiast, and together with his wife Jules, has developed a way for people across the world to get their daily routines in while enjoying branded benefits. Thanks to Yoga Studio’s partnership with Kiip, users are receiving sweet perks for doing their poses, from companies like Barkbox or American Apparel, based on factors like age, gender, and yoga experience.

Let’s hear a bit more about what it’s like to turn a mobile app into a brand all its own.