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William Van Lancker


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William Van Lancker

William Van Lancker: Oyster

What’s in a name? A typeface? A branded book app? On today’s show, we sit down with Willem Van Lancker, Product Designer and Co-Founder at Oyster, the new New York City-based app that’s branding itself as the “Netflix of books” with unlimited titles and genres by thousands of authors, publishing houses, and open source content.

The app, which launched exclusively on iOS devices in Fall 2013, has just added its iPad edition to the product lineup this past October, with plans for expansion on Android devices on the horizon.

Willem, a RISD graduate with a keen eye for the minutiae of design, brings his experience from Apple, Google, and IDEO to every part of Oyster’s operation. His commitment to unobtrusive reading interfaces pays homage to classic literature, and his skill set bridging tradition with modernity is nothing short of fascinating for those interested in outstanding digital customer experiences.

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