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OnBranding Episode 21: Monday Night Brewing

By Kendra Lively
April 07, 2017

Monday Night Brewing is Atlanta’s true hometown brewery.

Back in 2006, Jonathan Baker and the company’s co-founders Jeff Heck, Joel Iverson, and Adam Bishop, would come home from their day jobs each Monday night, loosen their ties, and get nerdy about home brew techniques, hops, and malty flavors. Out of both goodwill and friendship, Monday Night shared the first hundred batches with close friends, inviting a steady stream of eager taste testers to their garage to sample what would become their three beer offerings today: Eye Patch Ale, Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale, and Fu Manbrew.

Fast forward to 2012, and the original crew had quit their day jobs in order to open up shop full-time in Northwest Atlanta, not far from the likes of the South’s most beloved eateries like Bacchanalia, The Optimist, and Abattoir. You can find out more about dropping in for a tasting session and tour here.

Today, Monday Night is proud to be a strictly Southeastern beer brand, crafted for weeknight consumption and paired to perfection with a vareity of food and feasts.

Oh, and the ties? They’re now the brand’s beloved logo, seen on each and every label that comes off the line.

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