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After gaining a decade of experience as a Creative Director, Kendra joined Phase 3 with the acquisition of Brand Fever in 2015. The lynchpin of the Phase 3 creative team, she guides projects from beginning to end, overseeing design innovation and execution to ensure it solves the defined business problem through creative excellence. With expertise in branding, integrated marketing campaigns, design systems and user interfaces, Kendra is a talented leader who inspires work that is individually motivating and collectively influential. A Savannah native, Kendra holds a degree in fine arts from Georgia State University’s acclaimed graphic design program, where she graduated with honors. She completed internship engagements at FPD3 New Media and Lasertech Color. Kendra combines inspiring ideas, cultural movements, and a trendsetter mindset to transform ideas into visually groundbreaking material, which has been recognized by 40+ industry awards.

OnBranding Episode 38: Wingzone

Necessity is the mother of invention – and the creation of Wing Zone is very much a reflection of this adage. When Matt Friedman, a buffalo wing-loving kid from New York State, decided to trade in the blustery winters for the warm surroundings of the University of Florida, he quickly realized that his favorite food was nowhere to be found in the town of Gainesville.


Matt and his soon-to-be business partner Adam Scott turned their fraternity house kitchen into their restaurant headquarters and started delivering wings across campus. Now, nearly 25 years later, Wing Zone is a thriving franchise business with over 100 restaurants in the United States and 20 international locations, all built on the foundation of unique flavors and a family-like culture. Remaining true to their roots, Wing Zone is slated to open a 4,500 square-foot restaurant on the University of Florida campus in early 2016. 

Here, Matt shares his insights on building a business from the ground up, entrepreneurial passion, and the process of defining a brand that had been 15 years in the making.