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Jim Cannata

With over 30 years of marketing and print experience, Jim joined Phase 3 in February 2002 and has been instrumental in guiding the growth of the company. Jim has served in a variety of leadership roles including Sales, Strategy, Management and, most recently, led the Agency Services division with full P&L responsibilities and a team of 50+ creative professionals. In his current role, Jim oversees strategic growth initiatives, guides proposal teams and develops marketing strategies.

The Only 4 Problems Marketing Can Solve

By Jim Cannata
December 13, 2019

"Phase 3 connects intelligence with creative excellence, and strategic thinking with tactical execution, to help companies define their purpose and tell meaningful stories about their products and brands."

"...but what does that mean for me, and my company, and my challenge?"

People often ask, “What does a marketing and communications company do?” Well, the answer is in the question. We develop marketing strategies that help companies communicate.


Every company or brand has something they need to communicate. Their product is faster, lasts longer, makes you more efficient, is more in line with your lifestyle, makes you healthier, will save you money. Or, sometimes the message is more tactical, such as a new location, or a seasonal sale. You name it. 


Our job is to help companies communicate by creating the right message, targeting the right audience and choosing the right channel. It is really about solving a company’s business challenge through clear, impactful, targeted, direct communication. 


As marketers, there are only four challenges companies are faced with that we can impact. That’s right. Only four. Attraction. Awareness. Perception. Advocacy. Everything a marketing firm can offer you rolls up into a solution for one of these four challenges.



1. Attraction

Let’s start with attraction, that one is easy. The company needs more sales. This is about attracting potential buyers. As marketers we can only "attract" potential buyers, we cannot close deals - selling is the responsibility of the company’s sales employees. Where we can help as marketers is by driving people/traffic to the business. There is an old saying in the advertising industry that states, “Nothing puts a bad restaurant out of business faster than a good advertisement.”

Marketing services that can help you attract more customers:

  • Targeted Messaging
  • Impactful Advertising
  • Search Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content/Inbound Marketing
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Proactive Public Relations
  • Brand Development
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Events
  • Videos


2. Awareness

The second challenge that marketing can solve is awareness. Potential customers are not aware of your product or service. Before you can impact sales, your customers need to be aware of the fact that you and your product exist. Without awareness there are no sales. Awareness can also be a challenge when clients are only partially aware of your offerings; “I knew you did taxes, but I had no idea you did lawn mower repair too!” 

Marketing services that can help you grow awareness:

  • Search Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content/Inbound Marketing
  • Packaging
  • Point of Purchase Displays
  • Aisle Violators
  • Wayfinding Systems
  • Building Wraps, External Signage & Environmental Branding
  • Innovative Direct Mail & Door Openers
  • Landing Pages
  • Promo Items


3. Perception

Perception is the third business challenge that can be solved by marketing. Perception challenges include things like “I thought this product was only for old people,” or, “Plastic sandals are only for hippies and line cooks.” Changing perception is challenging but with a consistent marketing effort you can change perception – as long as the existing perception is not reality. 

Marketing services that can help you change perception:

  • Website Design & Onsite Content Optimization
  • Proactive Public Relations 
  • Email campaigns
  • Social Media & Influencer Relations
  • Brand Messaging & Visual Identity
  • Crisis Communications
  • Updated Marketing Collateral
  • Innovative Direct Mail & Door Openers
  • Video
4. Advocacy

Finally, we have Advocacy, often manifested as internal communications challenges. Companies experience this challenge primarily when the need for internal messaging alignment or the need to create more (or any) employee advocates exists. Changing a go-to-market strategy, onboarding a new technology platform, launching an employee recognition program or delivering a complex internal corporate message may require a thoughtful, strategic internal communications strategy in order to achieve alignment, clarity and engagement. 

  • Internal Communications Strategy
  • Employer Branding
  • Newsletters
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Promo Items
  • Posters & Banners



Whether you're looking to establish an employer brand platform, a targeted campaign with a specific call to action, or a long term internal communications strategy to boost employee engagement, Phase 3's experienced team of strategists can help you cut through the noise.