Brand Identity & Naming


Brand Naming

A brand name is one of the most fundamental and powerful elements companies use to create and grow customer-based brand equity. For corporate branding, developing a successful brand name begins with a solid strategy, based on a careful assessment of your company, your customers, and your competitors.


Corporate brands, umbrella brands, product brands, services, and systems—we’ve helped to name them all. What’s at the heart of our brand naming strategy and product naming services? A chemistry of memorable, meaningful, and likable elements for growth, blended with the defendable elements for long-term sustainability. Our brand naming services offer distinctive and differentiating brand name creation that propels brands forward.


Brand Identity

Time for branding design? Launching a new brand or breathing new life into an established one? The next step after brand name creation, the brand logo is the next most critical element of brand design. From ideation to execution, Phase 3 can take your new brand name and bring it to life visually with comprehensive brand identity design services. The brand logo that Phase 3’s award-winning design team creates for your brand or product will help prospects remember who you are, what you really stand for, and why to choose you over competitors.


Brand Architecture

Establish the optimal hierarchy for your individual brands, so that they work together to create momentum and equity while reducing marketing costs. As one of Atlanta's best branding agencies, we offer comprehensive brand architecture strategy, bringing new clarity to a complex set of relationships, and removing obstacles to greater market share.

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Your brand name is the verbal trigger that conjures up your brand in customers’ minds. The associations and reactions it sparks when seen or heard for the first time will start to define your brand, for better or worse.
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