Meredith Schwarz


As vice president of sales in the Northeast, Meredith oversees the branded merchandise department, leading a knowledgeable team who can thoughtfully determine the branded items best suited for any client’s needs. From choosing which pieces work best for a project to matching a client’s wishlist with their budget, Meredith guides the process from start to finish with years of sales experience across multiple markets.

 Meredith has led the charge in transforming the Northeast region of Phase 3’s capabilities from solely print services by adding integrated marketing into the client portfolio. This initiative has expanded and improved the experience of both existing and new clients who benefit from both offerings. With the increasing demand for branded merchandise, she oversees the fastest growing segment of the company and evaluates the optimal product mix, which ranges from traditional promotional goods and one-off custom products to projects for retail brands and gifting sites.

 A lifelong fan of the East Coast, Meredith enjoys more than just the accomplishments she’s made in the sales world. She also travels along the coast to play golf at various courses. She’s a lover of hosting game nights – from Uno to Catan – with her friends and family. In Maryland, Meredith serves as the marketing chair on the board of The Ashton Rec Club, an established organization that runs summer recreation each year. 

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