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Susan Frost

Susan joined Phase 3 as a result of Phase 3’s purchase of EOS Marketing & Communications in October, 2012 of which she was a founding partner. Since then, she has been instrumental in leading the Agency division through many acquisitions and growth in her position as Senior Vice President, Marketing and Agency Services; along with serving as the strategic lead on many of the company’s key agency accounts. Today, Susan serves in the newly created role of Senior Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, focusing on marketing strategy, lead generation and client retention for the company.

Designing for Immersive Experiences

By Susan Frost
February 02, 2017

We live in image-obsessed times. With photo-driven apps and websites in high demand, it’s no wonder that brands want to take their story to the next level.

“Immersive experience” is a buzzword that has been thrown around lately to describe the envelopment of consumers in a brand by creating an experience that completely absorbs their attention. Usually engaging multiple senses, companies have begun using various platforms – from film and interactive media to live audience engagements – to connect with consumers in this experiential way.


The internet is now full of websites with sleek pages containing videos and animations paired with audio bits that draw their visitors in instantly. As human beings continue to yearn for experiences that truly delight, immersive design has the potential to connect with consumers in a way that previous, less accessible design hasn’t. Why have a static website with an “about page” when you can have your brand story unfold as a user clicks or scrolls through your site?


With the recent advancements in HTML, virtual reality and device capabilities, more and more brands can create captivating experiences through enhanced interactivity and graphical immersion, leaving their people with a real emotional response to their brand. When the focus shifts on the totality of their consumer’s experience, brands have the capability to create a journey that drives people to want to stay on their site and has the potential to make their company more accessible, trustworthy, and (hopefully) loved.