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Phase 3 is an integrated marketing services company which provides solutions across the print and marketing spectrum. We were founded in Atlanta, GA in 2001 and have served corporate and enterprise clients across the country for over 20 years.

3 Cheers to 20 Years: Meet Rob Holfels

By Phase 3
February 25, 2021

We sat down with Phase 3’s first client, Robert Holfels of UniPro Foodservice, to ask him about his experiences with Phase 3 – from day one to now. What’s kept him coming back? Read on, and a big thank you to you, Rob!


How did you first hear of Phase 3?

“When I first established myself in Atlanta in the mid-1990’s, I employed C2 Media, the company where Ken Holsclaw worked before beginning Phase 3. I’ve been partnered with Phase 3 ever since its formation in 2001.”



What was the first project that Phase 3 worked on for you?

“Well… that was 20 years ago, and I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast this morning!”


What is your favorite memory working with Phase 3?

“My favorite memory from working with Phase 3 has been meeting each of my contacts for the first time. Without exception, they all have been highly personable, energized and responsible professionals with a genuine ambition to do the best job for us that is achievable. I truly enjoy working with like-minded people such as those at Phase 3.”


How many of Phase 3’s services do you currently use, or which have you used over the years?

“Primarily, we’ve utilized Phase 3 for everything from large- and small-format print production, banners and displays to special promotional initiatives. I am well aware of Phase 3’s extensive capabilities, though due to our business model limitations, we have not had opportunity to take advantage of them all – we would if we could.”


What is one (or a few) key things that has kept you working with Phase 3?

“In over two decades worth of projects, many with crushing, impossible deadlines and unexpected challenges, the people at Phase 3 have always, without fail, found a solution and delivered. They have not missed one single deadline – ever. Phase 3 has contributed to making UniPro Foodservice the outstanding leader in the industry that it is today.”


How have you seen Phase 3 change over the years?

“I have seen the entire story of Phase 3 evolve, starting as a small shop with only a handful of team members off Northside Drive to now – having built itself into a powerhouse of design, marketing and production across the Southeast.”


Have any of the Phase 3 employees had a personal impact on you? If so, how?

“I have been impacted by the employees at Phase 3 so much over the years. Every single employee goes the full distance to do a job right every time. My personal thanks to Katherine Swope, Jen Tiernan, Jenny Harris, Julia Lindgren, Ken Holsclaw, Catherine Parker, Molly Hemming, Erin Harris, Elizabeth LaPier, Kim Malawy, Elizabeth Spivak, Lisa Sullivan, Allison Jackson, Carrie Woods, Heather Lourie, Jason Russell, Michelle Coley, Tracy Collins, Hanson Montoban, Sarah Barnett, KC Smith, Heather Guenther, Tracy Andrews, Colleen Weiler, Kim Cook, John Moschak, Ian Sheridan, Hollie Quinn and Cory Thomas. I would not have the successes I have had if it weren’t for the hard work from each one of these employees over the years.”


Any other notes you’d like to include?

“I have not been compensated for my endorsements... I probably should’ve held out for at least a t-shirt.”