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Kimberly utilizes her critical thinking skills to uncover client needs, and then match those opportunities with the marketing, public relations, and print logistics experts at Phase 3. She manages accounts ranging in size and industry by overseeing account initiation and project details as the single point of contact for her clients. By combining her creative eye with business savvy, and a clear communication style, Kimberly stewards the design and interactive teams to deliver strategic results that exceed client expectations and turn every vision into reality.

6 Ways Shippable Event Kits Can Breathe Life into Your Virtual Event

Smart marketers know that we can’t rely on digital tools alone to convert prospects into buyers or bring people together in ways that transform organizations.

We all love our digital marketing tools. They’re cost-effective, targeted, and it doesn’t even require a stamp to send them or a warehouse to store them in. But consumers live in the real world, and that is a physical world. Even with global trends that are seeing us shop at home more, we still love to get outside and experience life beyond our four walls.


So when it comes to creating successful events where we aren’t actually face-to-face, things can fall flat. But there is a way to make those digital efforts work more, and help people feel more connected during virtual events: custom branded kits that send all the excitement you want attendees to feel, right to their front door.


Smart marketers know that we can’t rely on digital tools alone to convert prospects into buyers or bring people together in ways that transform organizations. A blend of the physical and digital is required to communicate and connect with people in a meaningful way. And shippable event kits are the most efficient method of amplifying your digital investments and bringing your brand into each prospect’s real life. These versatile and highly effective marketing assets deliver real results and serve a variety of purposes and benefits:


1. Break through the noise and raise awareness:

Everyone loves a surprise, and nobody can resist opening a package with their name on it. Done well, your kit will be irresistible to open and explore.

2. Get them energized for the big event before the big event:

If your digital messages have gone unopened or have low engagement, a direct mailer that makes a real impact can activate your digital investment and close the circuit for your prospects.  

3. Increase registration and boost attendance:

You took the time and effort to show them how much you value their presence, and you gave them something that proves how valuable the experience will be for them.

4. Make them feel welcome:

A branded kit that arrives before the event starts gives you the opportunity to send the excitement beforehand, and create a sense of warmth and welcome.

5. Help them connect and unify as one:

Virtual meetings can feel cold and impersonal, but when everyone has branded event items from their kit to make them feel as one, the fun naturally grows organically.

6. Amplify and sustain the good will afterwards:

Event kits and contents that engage your audience are more likely to be kept and shared, giving your brand even more engagement time with recipients. And post-event kits can demonstrate gratitude and demonstrate results.  



And it’s not just virtual events—trade shows, sales meetings, board meetings, franchisee meetings, and practically any kind of business meeting can see more attendees, more engagement, and more success with shippable, branded kits that break through the noise, create connections, and bring people together. Interested in adding some Printeractive™ Marketing to your mix? Contact Phase 3 now to cost-effectively boost registrations and attendance for your event with a shippable, branded event kit.


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