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Brian Regienczuk & Joseph Raccuglia

Episode 2 - Agency Spotter from Phase 3 on Vimeo.

Welcome to another episode of On Branding, a biweekly podcast and video documentary series dedicated to helping you get to know brands (and branding) better. Brought to you by Phase 3, each episode is an inside look at the brains behind the brand, and the builders that go boldly where no brand has gone before.

On today’s documentary episode premiere, you’ll meet Brian Regienczuk and Joseph Raccuglia, co-founders of Agency Spotter. A startup with roots in Atlanta and Boston, Agency Spotter is gaining interest and investment nationwide for its unique approach to connecting top companies and executives with creative agencies and skilled strategic thinkers.

Tune in as Brian and Joseph discuss brand basics: natural business partnerships, meaningful conversations, and the importance of iteration.

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