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MediaLink: Construction Specialties

Construction Specialties, a leader in architectural building products, was looking for an online platform to handle sample kit packaging and shipping and other print-on-demand services to enhance their customer experience. They originally fulfilled their sample request through multiple locations across the country, with no consistency on how and when the samples were being shipped.


Solid color chips for various architectural applications


Phase 3 worked with Construction Specialties to streamline their sample sharing process by providing ordering, packing and shipping services through MediaLink, offering a solution of a single location fulfillment center and streamlined processes. The MediaLink platform allows Construction Specialties to consolidate their catalog and sample distribution to one location, giving sales reps a convenient way to order sample materials for current and future customers. MediaLink also provides print-on-demand services for product sheets and guides, ensuring users receive the most recent data sheets. 


Since implementation of their MediaLink site, Construction Specialties places over 600 orders per month on average, constantly informing current and potential customers in a unique and efficient way. Phase 3 inventories over 900 SKUs of color chips, pattern chips, materials, literature and other assets.



Expansion joint samples, carpet tread samples and seal gasket samples.



Tapestry Colors and Patterns


MediaLink is game-changing resource in streamlining the sample kit process. Looking for a creative way to grab your customer's attention? Let us know how we can help!