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Hollie Quinn

As Senior Vice President of Sales for Phase 3, Hollie (Hagedorn) Quinn heads up the sales offices in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Nashville – leading new business development while ensuring we provide excellent customer service to our existing client base. In addition to providing ongoing guidance to her team in terms of account strategies and playing an integral role in the growth of Phase 3’s revenue, Hollie collaborates seamlessly with all of our centers to ensure our clients are able to efficiently leverage our full scope of services for their marketing needs.

Making it Real: Printeractive Marketing Connects the Physical with the Digital

By Hollie Quinn
September 02, 2020

More than ever we live in a virtual world where every interaction is online and nearly every direct communication is digital.

While that’s convenient for marketers, it also means that consumers are actually ignoring more and understanding less so our efforts can be far less effective. And if you’re trying to organize and drive attendance for a virtual or even face-to-face physical event right now, it’s much harder to get attention and convert prospects into attendees with so many competing voices in one big channel.


How will you connect people with your cause or event, how will you bring people together as one? How can you help them really feel the excitement? By connecting your digital efforts with real, touchable, branded experiences that make it all feel real. At Phase 3, we call it Printeractive™ Marketing, and it is transforming effectiveness for brands in numerous industries.


Custom event kits give you a way to ensure that your target audience knows how much you value them. Ship them practically anywhere. Send them to practically any kind of prospect. And be confident that your kit will be opened, as everyone loves surprises. Suddenly, your online investment begins to click as recipients associate their kit with your previous communications.


Corporate conferences, tradeshows, fundraisers, teambuilding challenges, recruiting—no matter what kind of event, branded kits are ideal for creating awareness, generating conversions, driving attendance, and unifying teams as one big family. There’s nothing like a fully branded experience in a box to create an immediate connection with prospects. Make them feel welcomed and valued. Send them a real reason to remember you, engage with you, and most importantly, choose you over competitors who put all their eggs in the online basket.


Best of all, the dividends keep paying out with event kits. Recipients often retain elements from the kits, or the entire kit itself, instead of throwing them away, creating permanent connections that will supplement and boost your marketing efforts in the future. So custom event kits aren’t just a way to break through, they’re a way to stay connected with consumers into the future too.

Break through and connect with Printeractive solutions from Phase 3. Reach out and let us know how we can help "make it real"!