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Nissan's Safety Culture Campaign

By Phase 3
December 10, 2019

No Matter What. 

When Nissan asked Phase 3 to help them develop an internal safety campaign, our team jumped at the opportunity to create an impactful campaign that resonated with Nissan's employees.


We were responsible for developing a name, brand and launch strategy that would empower every Nissan employee—regardless of job title, area, or tenure—to speak up if they witnessed a potential safety issue. From this the “No Matter What” campaign was born.

No matter your title.

No matter your tenure.

No matter what you saw or heard.

No matter what it will cost.

Speak up for safety. No matter what.




Our team created a split screen treatment for all campaign graphics to illustrate and remind employees that “What you do here... They drive out there.” The “No Matter What” logo featured a speech bubble and caution lines in Nissan’s brand colors that could also serve as a standalone reminder—distributed as stickers and magnets—at employee work stations.




Phase 3 produced a campaign photo shoot, providing art direction and talent support on location at Nissan and surrounding sites, enabling us to combine new photography with existing photo assets.




Campaign subjects are shown designing, inspecting, and safety testing vehicles—to illustrate various milestones in each vehicle’s development where safety issues may arise. While Nissan had a strong safety culture in place prior to the campaign, “No Matter What” was the first campaign to formalize a process enabling any employee to report safety issues via designated channels.


Response to the campaign was positive and prompt. Ambassadors for the program reported an uptick in overall safety awareness and said that employees now had greater clarity about the channel for communicating safety issues.


At Phase 3 we believe in the power of strong internal marketing campaigns. When employees see that internal issues are given the same thoughtful consideration and creativity that consumer campaigns receive, they take those issues more seriously and are more likely to adapt their behavior.  



Phase 3 is here to help you communicate efficiently and effectively with your employees.