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Project Spotlight: The Annaline

By Phase 3
March 29, 2024

Waterton Residential engaged Phase 3 to rebrand an expansive 1000-unit apartment community on the southeast edge of Nashville. Wanting to elevate the brand and improve the properties reputation, Waterton decided to rename the community and build a new story and brand around the existing property.


After researching resident profiles and reviews to determine what tenants liked and disliked about living there, Phase 3 developed personas for an aspirational target. Recognizing the diversity of their tenant base—and Waterton’s plans to improve the community’s shared spaces, we developed a brand strategy that centered around “a mosaic of lived experiences”. Phase 3 renamed the community, The Annaline, inspired by the style of contemporary quilt artist Anna Williams, who designed stunning quilts from long strips of leftover fabrics—piecing together a new story from many parts.





The idea of “mosaic of lived experiences” was conveyed through the visual device of quilts. Quilts tell stories, they are pieces of fabric that come from different places, they are sometimes made by multiple people. This quilt motif was incorporated into the logo and brand expression, inspired by the broad strips of fabric and the bold, geometric shapes that feel modern but also timeless. The quilt-like shapes allowed us to intertwine colors, textures and lifestyle photography that reinforced the mosaic and told the story of The Annaline.




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