ARCO Design

From office space to brand show place.

ARCO Design/Build is a leading commercial construction company with locations across the United States. With big projects and big clients, it’s important that their offices impress prospects and signify their strengths to visitors. 

After their Atlanta office was remodeled, and following a recent rebranding, ARCO needed a partner who could bring their brand to life in a way that would inspire guests and employees alike.

Offering design, printing, fabrication, and installation, Phase 3 was a natural choice to realize the new brand throughout the renovated ARCO Atlanta offices. Our team consulted closely with ARCO to understand their brand, their culture, and how the office space is really used by their employees.


Services Offered
  • Environmental Branding
  • Fabrication
  • Print
  • Install


  • 3M permanent adhesive with 3M matte lamination for wall coverings
  • Acrylic and second-surface double-sided mounting for honor wall and office room tags
  • Etchmark vinyl with router-cut "ARCO" logo for large conference room
  • Optically clear vinyl and high gloss lamination for small conference room privacy
  • Powder-coated aluminum for elevator lobby sign
  • Painted rebar for various elements throughout


The recreation area received special treatment as well: An “honor wall” was designed and constructed for this room, displaying a giant ARCO “A” made from rebar pegs, symbolic of the company’s role as a leader in the construction industry. Each peg has a marker to celebrate a specific employee achievement, demonstrating the power of teamwork every day in an unforgettable way.


A total of nineteen separate pieces were created for the project. Phase 3 began designing in May and had everything completely installed by August, making sure every single component was perfect while always moving with speed.

Together, we can make something great.