Bragg Canna

Creating a comforting brand for a new cannabis line.

Bragg Canna engaged Phase 3 to launch a top-shelf cannabis brand in the conservative southern states of Alabama and Mississippi. Inspired by cannabis’s healing properties for those facing chronic and terminal illnesses, Bragg Canna wanted their brand to be sophisticated in style and accessible in tone. Their hope was for anyone who can benefit from their products, including that older, more conservative audience raised with the stigma of marijuana, would feel comfortable engaging with the brand. 

Services Offered
  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Packaging Design
Through extensive market research, we uncovered two key insights: the people who need cannabis the most are often the most afraid to try it; and cannabis brands aren’t talking to those people. From there our brand strategy, “Make Yourself Comfortable," was born.
Phase 3 developed a comprehensive brand strategy defining the brand personality, brand attributes, value proposition and market position all of which influenced the brand language and narrative.

Bragg Canna is a top-shelf cannabis brand built for those beginning their cannabis journey. It’s a brand with deep Alabama roots and a distinctly Southern style of storytelling. Above all, Bragg Canna is personal, with the wellbeing of people at its heart—from seed to sale.

Phase 3 created the botanical style illustrations that are a cornerstone of the Bragg Canna brand. This illustration style has been around for hundreds of years making it immediately identifiable and comfortable. We illustrated variations of the plants and Caladrius poses to facilitate different compositions and combination of elements

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