Cobb EMC EV Adoption Campaign


Cobb Electric Membership Corporation is a non-profit electric utility company serving parts of greater Atlanta, Georgia. With a new flexible billing rate to support consumer adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), Cobb EMC turned to Phase 3 to bring this exciting innovation to market, and to help members think differently about how they consume electricity, and how that intersects with how they commute to work.


Our team not only developed the name for the new rate, NiteFlex, but also crafted a complete launch campaign strategy that promotes the benefits of electric vehicle adoption: Online display, out of home media relations, brochure, and email, all leading to a microsite. There, consumers get an introduction to EVs and at-home charging, as well as numerous resources for taking the next step toward an all-electric commute—tax incentives, charging stations, dealerships, and more.  


In order to create a compelling campaign, we designed and developed a progressive visual expression and complete messaging framework, all focused on dispelling myths about EVs while highlighting key benefits for adoption. Now Cobb EMC is an active participant in the EV conversation with consumers.



Imagine having a gas station at home that charges nothing. With NiteFlex you can charge your car overnight at no cost.


Key Metrics

This summer, 497 members have signed up for the new NiteFlex rate


There have been a staggering 5.1 million impressions across all platforms and media


Our campaign had a clickthrough rate of 0.17% versus an industry average of .05%

The Phase 3 team immersed themselves in our industry and took the time to understand our consumers. Their creative approach resonated with our audience and helped us achieve our strategic goals.
Nurdan Cornelius, Director, Consumer Marketing

In the short time the This Changes EVerything campaign has run, hundreds of current customers have made the switch to the new NiteFlex rate, while thousands of new visitors and potential customers have explored the microsite.