Cortland at The Battery

Take me home to the ballgame.

As the premier apartments in The Battery Atlanta, the $400M development that surrounds the Atlanta Braves ballpark, the developers of Cortland at The Battery wanted to create an environment that would connect with the culture of baseball and help residents feel the value of their investment.

Few partners could do it all—design, printing, fabrication, and installation—and even fewer were willing to work though the numerous challenges that this unique opportunity presented.


That’s where Phase 3 entered the picture, studying the project from every angle, and carrying out a comprehensive site survey to map every surface and understand the traffic usage of every square foot. 


Then, collaborating closely with the Cortland team, and guided by their design inspiration document, we generated a cohesive design for the entire community, building on our decades of experience with large-scale environmental graphics projects.

Services Offered
  • Environmental Branding
  • Print
  • Fabrication
  • Installation

With long apartment building corridors that have structural interruptions, we had to produce designs that could offer more than simple wall graphics in order to preserve a sense of continuity. So elements with multiple layers and significant dimensionality were created that would stand out, unite the entire corridor, and create clear delineations between residential and amenity spaces.


Now the spirit of the great American pastime is alive here, just as Cortland leadership directed. You won’t find any boring stock images or basic residential décor here; the community’s common spaces are now filled with the energy of the ballpark and the bold spirit of Atlanta.

  • Rope LED elevator lobby sign with a custom-match wooden high-pressure laminate-wrapped frame
  • 3M permanent adhesive vinyl with matte laminate
  • Laser-cut acrylic with a second surface made from mounted optically clear vinyl and custom-painted gold edges
  • Custom-painted and wrapped baseball bats, mounted with custom-welded hardware, to illustrate an Atlanta skyline
  • Baseball wall with real baseballs and 3D-printed mounting brackets
  • Custom-stained wood and painted acrylic to match the specified finishes of the interior design team



The custom installations created for the community combine printed graphics, fabricated elements, and sports artifacts like baseballs, bats, and hats to create immediate visual impact and hold interest—textured and dimensional visual experiences that inspire and unite residents.

Together, we can make something great.