Nashville Wire

Crafting clarity that inspires and guides.

Nashville Wire Products is a diverse B2B organization serving multiple markets and thousands of customers world wide. Their primary markets include OEM parts, wire mesh, retail displays and store fixtures, and wire products for the material handling industry.

The client houses three separate divisions operating out of eleven different production facilities across the nation. Nashville Wire had concerns that their business opportunities were possibly limited by perceptions created by their division names, which could be creating too much focus on products and not enough on consultative flexibility.

Services Offered
  • Research & Insights
  • Brand Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Brand Identity & Naming
  • Graphic Design
  • Websites & Apps

Nashville Wire turned to us to help determine the best way forward, creating consistency within their identity, brand, and marketing, and creating new collateral materials and a new website to support it all.


Nashville Wire brought several challenges: They needed to resolve their identity issue in order to move forward with marketing. So we conducted approximately 20 internal and external phone interviews with customers and partners that helped provide the strategic qualitative insights that would drive our solutions. We helped with strategic naming recommendations to help each division stand out while creating more synergy together, taking the project all the way to completion with a new brand, new guidelines, and a comprehensive collection of brand expression assets.

The client also needed significantly better representation of their products and services, so we executed seven photoshoots highlighting five different production facilities, as well as two extensive studio product shoots. And finally, the client needed stronger collateral that would serve as the platform for the new marketing communications. We developed collateral including redesigned brochures, sales kits, print ads, and of course, a dynamic new website.

We developed collateral adhering to the new brand guidelines, which included a new logo, custom photography and new websites; as well as ongoing sales campaigns and product brochures.


We created value by defining each division, creating clear brands between those divisions, and giving the client the clarity they needed to move forward. Now Nashville Wire has the consolidated identity and naming structure it needs to create clarity and reinforce its position in the marketplace—as well as the brand assets required to connect with customers and sustain relationships for real long-term growth.

Together, we can make something great