Website Design & Development

Brand Informed.
Strategy Driven.

At Phase 3, we create digital solutions that connect brands with the right consumers and drive real engagement. Our strategic process ensures that the digital solution we create will serve as a high-performing business tool that will deliver value for both external users and internal stakeholders.

Our approach combines modern design with a deep understanding of usability, information architecture, search engine optimization and analytics. We work collaboratively with our clients to deliver a website that perfectly delivers results.

Web Discovery


Our team will develop the overall site architecture, expressed as a formalized site map diagram utilizing best SEO practices. These diagrams will define the primary, secondary and utility navigation as well as the organization of all content pages throughout the websites. This step will allow us to transition from the high- level conversion path into the actualized messaging and information organization that will achieve completed conversions for each user-set.

  • Immersion Session
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Business Requirements & Timeline
  • User Flow
  • Content Audit & Recommendations
  • Site Map



Understanding who uses your website, what they are looking for and how they want the information delivered to them are critical factors when designing a meaningful web experience.


Our approach to website design will deliver a user-centric online experience for your target audience.

  • Content Outline
  • Wire Frames
  • Content Development, Keyword & Meta Data Planning
  • Interface Design Concepts
  • Templates & Style Guide
  • Responsive Design

Web Development


Upon completion of the Design phase, our development team goes to work to turn design mockups into functioning, responsive websites.


The last phase of the development process is Quality Assurance (QA) testing. Our development team tests all functionality, link validity and performance across major, current devices and browsers, while our design team tests the user interface and gauges the user experience. Once the website has passed QA, it's ready to launch!