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Making Real Connections in Branded Environments

By Phase 3
September 10, 2020

As marketers, we know that showing people can be far more powerful than just telling people. 

While online marketing offers the power to target with precision, there is nothing like an in-person activation to help a brand reach through to new buyers. And the most powerful activations are usually set within new, specially crafted environments that are made to evoke a feeling or set a mood. The idea isn’t new; you may have experienced this at an art gallery installation, an inviting booth at a tradeshow, an inspired office space, or even within public spaces dedicated to education or entertainment. The benefits can be huge, but getting it right is harder than ever.



Immersive Spaces Require Big Thinking

What is this magic that compels us to interact with a unique physical space and come away with a new perspective about a company, brand, product, or place? It’s all a product of solid environmental branding—planning, designing, and building experiences that connect people to places, often where they shop or where they work. Many skillsets and approaches are required to shape experiential spaces that can actively make real connections with their occupants: Graphic designers, information and media specialists, brand and interaction strategists, wayfinding experts, technology integrators, and of course, industrial fabricators and commercial artisans. Together, they’ll apply best practices to a critical study of your space, your objectives, and your target audience to develop environmental branding that breaks through the noise and offers the most compelling experience possible.



Teambuilding and Culture-Strengthening with Environmental Branding

Branded spaces that perform well are always created with a defined strategy to ensure effectiveness while driving the tactical applications that give each space its unique character and connection. And it’s no different when the space is one created to engage with employees: as the front-line stewards of any brand, employees are most in need of encouragement, reinforcement, and excitement when it comes to the company identity. By injecting the brand’s unique energy and character into their workspaces, we can help employees connect the dots and strengthen their relationship with the company and their customers. Now companies can build their own stories and missions into the very walls that make up their offices, uniting employees and unlocking more value across the organization.



Step into a Whole New World of Storytelling

Whether your interest is in launching a new product or location, creating spaces where employees are inspired to do their very best work, or telling your brand story as an immersive experience, Phase 3 Marketing and Communications is your collaborative partner for complete environmental branding services, from ideation to execution. We’ve helped major brands across numerous industries make new and deeper connections with consumers via inspired spaces, and crafted powerfully meaningful and dramatic workspaces that truly pull teams together as one.



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