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Susan Frost

Susan joined Phase 3 as a result of Phase 3’s purchase of EOS Marketing & Communications in October, 2012 of which she was a founding partner. Since then, she has been instrumental in leading the Agency division through many acquisitions and growth in her position as Senior Vice President, Marketing and Agency Services; along with serving as the strategic lead on many of the company’s key agency accounts. Today, Susan serves in the newly created role of Senior Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, focusing on marketing strategy, lead generation and client retention for the company.

Why You Should Start Outsourcing Your Graphic Design Now

By Susan Frost
June 17, 2020

Design drives everything in this visual world. Seeing is believing, after all.

Most marketers know they need compelling graphic design to help drive sales and put their companies on the best competitive footing possible. Consumers respond to strong design and, more than ever, they expect ease of use, brand consistency across every experience, and entertaining visuals to keep their attention and earn their business.

If only procuring good graphic design could be as easy as buying art. Graphic design is a strong marriage of commerce and artistic skill, and unfortunately it doesn’t come on a canvas you can have shipped to your door.


From Pandemic to Possibilities

Has your organization downsized during the Covid-19 outbreak? Temporary or permanent layoffs of marketing or design talent, while necessary, can cripple marketing for your organization at a time when it’s needed most. Maybe you need to make more happen with fewer hands on deck. Maybe you’re looking for more efficient ways to accomplish your design projects. Or maybe you need professional expertise to bring your new marketing campaign together. Now is the time to consider outsourcing your graphic design work.  


All the Design Power, None of the Design Problems

Whether you retail delicious dog treats, offer robust real estate data analytics, manufacture mattresses and bedding, service industrial machines, or even treat patients, you focus on what you’re good at, and that’s why you’re so successful. While some companies of scale do maintain in-house design departments, it’s usually not all wine and roses. There are plenty of sour grapes and thorns along the way—managing creative talent and a complex design and production process aren’t part of many companies’ DNA. And few in-house design departments can match the skill, efficiency, and effectiveness of outside professional design shops. For most companies, the results can never justify the expense. Outsourcing your graphic design work means that you get all of the design power, without the design problems. Even those firms with some internal design talent still often outsource production-driven projects like collateral conversions, sales materials updates, sizing and resizing ads for campaigns, social media graphics, wayfinding signage, point-of-purchase materials, and small digital projects like website landing pages.


Why Outsourcing Graphic Design is a Good Business Decision, Especially Now

There’s always a silver lining to every cloud—even coronavirus-shaped ones. Now is the perfect time to explore the opportunities to lower your costs while raising the bar of your marketing design. Outsourced graphic design gives you five transformative factors that can make you more competitive, and more efficient so you can win more than ever.

  1. You get enormous flexibility. Scale up the services you need as you need them, and then scale down again once you don’t. No obligations, and no pressure.
  2. You don't pay for talent you don’t need, nor all of the overhead that goes along with it. Labor costs are extraordinarily lower compared to in-house designers, and professional design shops are already maximized for efficiency to lower your costs.
  3. You’ll have easy access to a much wider range of specialized talents with experience and expertise tackling the complex design tasks you need to accomplish smoothly.
  4. You get fresh eyes and fresh ideas that can give you better ways to make your marketing assets connect with your customers and make it feel like magic.
  5. You’ll just get to market much faster. Your outsourced design team can move much more quickly than in-house teams, pushing projects to completion with urgency while still delivering the highest quality possible.


Ready to Roll? Meet StudioRed

When you’re ready to get more done with less, selecting the right outsourced design partner is key. At Phase 3 Marketing and Communications, we proudly offer StudioRed, our fast-moving production service that provides outsourced graphic design work to companies and organizations of all sizes.

Whether you’re a one-person marketing team that needs professional support, a company that suddenly finds itself without the internal resources you normally rely upon, an organization with more design projects than you can take on, or an enterprise at scale that needs consistent high-volume production work, StudioRed offers cost-effective flexibility and expertise. Our design specialists can expertly apply your established brand guidelines to new deliverables or help create visual consistency across all of your marketing assets. And we’re already well-practiced at making lemonade out of COVID-19 lemons.

If you’re ready to make more design tasks happen while creating new efficiencies—especially when your world has been turned upside down by pandemic—contact us today and we’ll show you everything StudioRed can do to turn things around and upward again.