Phase 3

July 6, 2020

“Bring Your Kid to Work Day” sounds kind of cute. But when you’re Nissan North America, “kind of” doesn’t cut it. The company that brought the world “Innovation that Excites” wanted their first-ever career day to do the same, so they tapped Phase 3 to name this annual event, brand it, and design and produce all the event’s graphics and giveaways. The winning concept, KIDDOVATION, is a colorful and kid-friendly celebration of innovation – just like the event itself.

On a sunny day in May, employees and their kids descended on Nissan’s campus for an activity-packed day of tech-inspired fun. They painted a Nissan Leaf, drove a car using only voice commands (and a little help from Amazon Alexa), saw how Nissan designs come to life through a 3D printer, played tech-inspired trivia games, had their picture taken with the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders and T-Rex, and much more. Afterwards, they took home some sweet swag designed by our brilliant team of creatives.


Planning your next company event or corporate initiative? Phase 3 would love to get involved. Let us know how we can help!


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