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OnBranding Episode 11: Kiip, Ryan Lessard

By Kendra Lively
February 09, 2016

It’s official. We’re living in the age of post-“click here” advertising. Brands are learning by doing, and sharing their stories as they go.

Now that banner ads, flashing marquees and poorly designed calls to action are history, how are brands aligning with interactive developers to provide an intuitive, pleasing mobile experience — with added benefits?

Brands are quickly buddying up with Kiip, a service that discovers where fans and users live, work and play through micro analytics and behavior tracking. By rewarding its brand evangelists with perks as they complete a run, cross off a to-do, or win a game level, Kiip plugs right into all those positive feedback chemicals that — as the name suggests — “keep” people coming back for more.

Ryan Lessard works in New Business Development at Kiip, where he teams up with app developers and the world’s biggest brands, doing the math to figure out which brands are best represented on which mobile platform. In this episode, Ryan explains how the company is making strides to build an “experience bank”, the psychology of in-the-moment brand rewards, and how being present at the right place and time can capture a fan for life.

Kiip is a San Francisco-based startup that reaches over 70 million users across a network of 1,500 games and apps, according to the company. Kiip states that in-app engagement rates are typically between 5-7 percent, while email opens rise in excess of 30 percent. Kiip’s 22-year-old CEO Brian Wong has recently revealed that the service is now fully “self serve”, integrating developers and brands without tricky barriers to partnership.

Are you a developer that’s using Kiip to raise the profile of your app?

Does your brand advertise with Kiip to win more mobile users?

Or, are you a user that enjoys cashing in with in-app perks?

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