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Product Launches


A new product launch is a critical time requiring great focus and clear guidance. Without a proper product launch plan grounded in research and insights, resources can be wasted or even depleted completely, and there are few second chances with consumers. Connecting with new customers or with a new segment requires a formal product launch strategy. By understanding the nuances of your new product development and your target audiences, we can generate compelling and on-target messaging that immediately resonates. 


Perhaps you need public relations services to garner attention from the press or to coordinate a press conference, or social media support to generate buzz and anticipation for your new product. We can help you generate new awareness and hard clicks with targeted media placements, landing pages, email campaigns and more—including creating, designing, and managing impactful launch kits and events. As your partner in product launch marketing, we can provide not only the umbrella strategy, but also the brand development services and visual assets required to effectively deploy the new product with a splash. 

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