Pure Fishing, Inc.

Reeling in Elaborate Customization for Maximum ROI
Small and Large Format printing, Customized kitting, Shipping Direct

An international provider of fishing tackle, lures, rods, and reels, Pure Fishing, Inc. is a Jarden Corporation subsidiary representing a portfolio of several brands. Pure Fishing, seeking to reduce cost and complexity, engaged Phase 3 to produce its annual promotional kits and distribute them to nine national retailers. Each of the approximately 5,100 customized and individually branded kits contains a variety of materials including print tear pads, counter cards, styrene signage and more. By enlisting Phase 3 to produce, package, and ship its promotional collateral, Pure Fishing saves resources – allowing its marketing team to focus on business objectives – and minimizes shipping costs while the custom POP increases ROI.

Pure Fishing, Inc.Pure Fishing, Inc.Pure Fishing, Inc.Pure Fishing, Inc.